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We welcome you to Nr. Nebel Sleep is a free and independent hostels, is as a private residence, with superb facilities in a lovely setting. It’s almost like staying in a hotel, but we are not a hotel   The beaches in Henne, Henne Strand and Nymindegab, the small harbor of Bork and inlet Ringkøbing are all in the neighborhood.


These are the services that Nebel Accommodation will provide your: You will get the best of anything. Our house has all the amenities that make it worth staying here, in a friendly atmosphere. All rooms feature luxurious. Relax on a wonderfull bed and let all your worries float


away. You also get a cheap accommodation in Nebel.   Free access when you stay at our place for Nebel Form & Recreation and other publich swimming pool in the area, with the possibility of swimming and fitness during business hours. See photos and links   . Rooms are different in size and function   Fireplace, shower, a lovely


garden, bedrooms, kitchen at your disposal, with fridge, freezer, microwave, stove with oven, coffee maker and washing machine. Sauna with seperate paying Free internet, and more   Prices are not inclusive of breakfast